Brendan’s prediction for game 6

Posted: June 13, 2011 in 2011 Playoffs
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Okay so you already know where my son and fellow Top Shelf mogul Keane stands on game 6. He says the Canuckleheads are taking it, mirroring the Blackhawk’s game 6 victory last year.

Me I beg to differ with the young fellow. I say Boston is winning this one. History is on the Bruins side here. Last week, the Bruins obliterated the Vancouver Canucks 12-1 in two games in Beantown and any way you look at it – except by looking at the series score, which is 3-2 for Vancouver – Boston comes out on top in this final. In the games they lost, the Bruins lost by just one goal. Twice that Vancouver goal was scored within seconds of the final buzzer. In other words, in any of those games, things could’ve gone either way.

And if the Bruins have proven one thing in this post-season, it’s that their one resilient bunch who have plenty of grit and can bounce back – something us Habs fans don’t need reminding of given what they did to our team after we jumped ahead 2-0.

So I’m saying the Bruins take it at home tonight and then it all comes down to one game, Wednesday night in Vancouver. And only a fool predicts who wins a game 7.

Lastly, I don’t always agree with Red Fisher but Canada’s senior hockey sage is right on the money today – Timmy Thomas does indeed deserve the Conn Smythe no matter who wins the Cup.



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