With Maxim Lapierre suddenly the hero in Vancouver following his game-winning goal in game five Friday night, the time is right to wonder aloud – why was it that Montreal Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier got rid of Lapierre last December? Lappy was sent to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for – wait for it! – Brett Festerling. Who dat, you might well ask. Festerling is a career minor-leaguer who never even sported a Habs jersey. He was sent straight down to the Hamilton Bulldogs and even the Bulldogs didn’t want him. In February, he was traded to the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for goaltender Drew MacIntyre, another career minor-leaguer not be confused with the noted Scottish wrestler Drew McIntyre.

Short version? In return for Lapierre, we got a 27-year-old AHL goalie who’s now minding the net for the Bulldogs.

So clearly Mad Max p.o.’d someone in the Habs organization. He is famous for getting under the skin of his opponents – he could single-handedly get the entire Pittsburgh Penguins team off their game – so they did he practice some of his yapping magic in the Bell Centre elevator with Gauthier? Or Jacques Martin?

Just remember that he scored a pair of key goals in the 2010 playoffs for the Habs – in elimination games against both the Washington Capitals and the Penguins. Did I also mention that he’s a francophone from Montreal on a team with a noted shortage of hometown heroes?

So what gives? Anyone have the inside story on this one?

By the way, click here for a good blog on Mad Max by my Twitter pal Marc Griffin.

– Brendan


  1. montrealmarc says:

    I have NO IDEA why we traded Mad Max. Seriously? Maybe it was something behind the scenes as you suggested. Loved his style of play and his grti. Hell…I even liked his reality tv show.

    I’m guessing, like you said, he either pissed one of the suits off…or as in basketball…slept with someone he shouldn’t have. Hopefully neither was the case.

    Alas, we miss you Mad Max!!!!!

  2. Moey says:

    Max asked for the trade. He wasn’t happy with his ice time, he was no longer being used on the PP or PK. Once that happens they don’t really have much choice but to comply with his request.

  3. claude gagnon says:

    Old fashioned Martin can’t deal with young players who show different personalities… Check the list of the exchanged players since he is there…

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