Who should Habs fans be cheering for in the Stanley Cup final – the Vancouver Canucks or the Boston Bruins?

Posted: June 4, 2011 in 2011 Playoffs
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There is a good letter in the sports pages of Saturday’s Gazette from my old pal Stan Shatenstein musing about just who Habs fans should be cheering for in the Stanley Cup final. Click here to read the letter. Essentially Stan is saying it’s tough for Habs fans to decide, particularly given the fact that if Vancouver wins, we lose the distinction of being the last Canadian team to win the Cup.

It’s funny, watching game one Wednesday, I almost began to feel some sympathy for the Bruins. Almost. It’s just that something in me always pulls for the underdog and they are most definitely the underdogs in this series. But when Raffi Torres scored with 18.5 seconds left to give the Canuckleheads a 1-0 lead, I just loved watching the horrified expressions on the Bruins faces, most notably big bruiser Zdeno Chara, who just looked shattered. That was a nice moment.

So actually it’s pretty simple. As Habs fans, we absolutely must cheer for the Canucks and hope they humiliate the Bruins in four quick games. We hate the Bruins. It’s as simple as that. Always did and do more so than ever this year for all the obvious reasons that I don’t have to go back through here. The argument is that we should be happy if the Bruins win the Cup because then we can say we lost in the first round to the eventual Cup winners. And that would work for any other team – but not the Bruins. See above comment about hating the B’s.

So it’s Go Canucks Go – even if I am not the most enthused Vancouver fan.

– Brendan

Here’s the video of that dramatic late-game Torres winning goal.


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