So what happened to the Tampa Bay Lightning in game 7 vs. the dreaded Boston Bruins?

Posted: May 28, 2011 in 2011 Playoffs
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Man what a disappointment! For the second time in these playoffs, the understandably hated Boston Bruins won a game seven against a Quebec team. First it was that fright-night OT victory over the Montreal Canadiens in the first round and now they’ve done it again, this time versus Quebec’s official non-Habs team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. To add insult to injury, in both cases the winning goal came courtesy of Nathan Horton. (By the way, much as it pains me to underline it, it’s true that Horton is having a Claude Lemieux-like playoff run, with two OT goals against the Habs, including that devastating game seven marker, and last night’s series-clinching goal against Tampa.)

So what happened to the Bolts? My Twitter pal Rafael Ouellet – who also happens to be one of our more intriguing arthouse filmmakers – was at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston Friday night for the game and he tweeted to say he thought the Bolts looked nervous, also quite rightly pointing out that the B’s worked hard, shut down the neutral zone and that it was a super exciting game, with lots of good clean hits and not one penalty (Don Cherry must’ve been in ecstasy!).

Tampa had a great first period but they never looked dangerous in the next two periods and they appeared to go into a bit of a defensive shell, which led another Twitter pal, @lawyergirl77, to quip that “they wanted to take a page from Martin’s super successful playbook.” Ouch! You do have to think the game was a bit of a stumble for star rookie coach Guy Boucher who has so often looked brilliant in this post-season. You could – and actually should – also point the finger at captain Vincent Lecavalier who was, yet again, invisible Friday night. My Cousin Vinnie has to be the leader at moments like this and he wasn’t Friday night. As usual, it was Martin St. Louis and Newfoundland superstar Teddy Purcell who did the heavy lifting. The Bolt who was just friggin sensational was Dwayne Roloson – after a couple of shaky games, he just ruled for 37 of 38 shots. Rollie the Goalie – who looks like a grizzled aging rocker – delivered a stunning performance – That save late on Michael Ryder was something else!

In any case, let’s get this final going so I can happily watch the Vancouver Canucks crush and humiliate the Bruins in five games.

– Brendan

Here’s the video of Horton’s winning goal, a beauty.

P.S. For an interesting, non-hockey-fanatic take on these playoffs, click here for a neat blog post.


  1. I’m not a hockey fan per se, but I really got into this Tampa/Boston series. I started out neutral, and ended up rooting for Tampa. I loved how they played in game 6, and I became a fan of St Louis — the guy looks like he’s a foot shorter than everyone else!

    Congrats on a good season and good luck next year.

    P.S. FOr the record I’m a transplted New Yorker livin gin the Bay Area — I’m a Rangers fan.

    • topshelfbk says:

      Yeah I love Martin St. Louis – yes maybe a foot smaller than everyone else but he’s got more heart than anyone, which is why he’ll likely win the Hart Trophy (pun intended). And I’m sure Tampa will be back next year to compete even more ferociously.

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