Boston Bruins rookie Tyler Seguin rocks, outgoing Canadiens Pierre Boivin grumbles

Posted: May 18, 2011 in 2011 Playoffs
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Did you see the Tyler Seguin show last night? The 19-year-old Boston Bruins centre turned the game around in Boston nabbing four points – two goals and two assists – in the space of 19 minutes in the second period. As Kevin Allen in USA Today points out, that compares rather favourably to the one point the rookie scored in the last 19 games of the regular season. Boston won the game against Tampa 6-5.

What gets me – and was underlined by filmmaker/pro-scout Simon Boisvert on Twitter last night (he can be found at @simonsnake70) – is that Seguin might never have even played in these playoffs  if it wasn’t for the injury to Patrice Bergeron. Like so many old-school coaches – hello Jacques Martin – Bruins bench boss Claude Julien is a highly-conservative coach and doesn’t like giving much ice-time to rookies. Bizarre! And just another alarming sign of the stodginess of this league.

Check out his first goal Tuesday night. Spectacular.

And Dave Stubbs has a very interesting piece in the Gazette Wednesday talking to outgoing Montreal Canadiens president Pierre Boivin about the unique linguistic issues facing the Habs. Click here to see that story.

And it turns out Mathieu Darche just underwent abdominal surgery. Click ici for that story.

– Brendan


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