But if you have paid any attention whatsover to the 2011 NHL playoffs, then you already know that. St. Louis leads the playoff points race, with six goals and seven assists, and he more than anyone else is responsible for the Bolts getting set to play in the conference final against the Boston Bruins.

Richard Labbé has a great piece in Saturday’s La Presse on the 35-year-old vet who was famously never drafted and had to sneak into the League via the backdoor. Labbé tells Vincent Lecavalier that the Tampa Bay right winger has had a great season, to which My Cousin Vinnie memorably quips – “Yeah but Martin always has great seasons”. But this one was particularly good, with the pint-sized sniper nabbing 99 points and garnering a nomination for the Hart Trophy.

– Brendan

Check out this cool goal from St. Louis in game two against the Washington Capitals.

And this goal is even better – he zips past the Penguins defense and takes it top shelf.

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