Dark days for the Habs

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I haven’t given up. I may have sounded pretty pessimistic on Twitter this morning but I haven’t thrown in the towel just yet.

But let’ s start with the darkness (on the edge of town) and then we’ll get to the hope later. I watched the highlights of Saturday night’s game on nhl.com this morning and the terrible thing is that the Canadiens out-played Boston for a good chunk of the game last night. Les Boys probably had more good scoring chances both in regulation time and in OT – and we just weren’t getting the proverbial lucky bounces. There was that goal stopped by Michael Ryder early on and then that crazy Cammie chance later on that careened off two Bruins (neither named Timmy Thomas).

In OT, Gionta had the winning goal on the end of his stick….and Thomas went and made another amazing save (that’s the video above). That said, the Habs have to score more and their big guys who get the big bucks have to score more. Yes that’s you Michael Cammalleri, Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez. When the only goal comes from Jeff Halpern, we have a problem. My friend Brendan – I’m telling you that’s his name – said the scouting report on Thomas is ‘shoot high, he’s always on the ice’ but apparently that report was not read by any of the Habs would-be snipers.

Then there’s the defense. Take Roman Hamrlik – please. (OK it’s an old joke but oh-so-appropriate. I offered the Hammer to one of my Leafs pals on Twitter – hey I’m an open-minded guy – this morning and he politely declined, saying the Leafs would be interested in that kid from T.O. though. I suggested P.K. is not available.) What was Hamrlik doing on the OT winner from Horton (Hears a Who)? He was looking the wrong way – toward Tim Thomas – and was desperately seeking the puck instead of taking his man. I would hope that might be the last game Hamrlik ever plays in a Habs jersey but of course it won’t be – because we don’t have anyone to replace him.

As my friend and neighbour Adam Symansky just mentioned to me on the street-corner, this is when we start to really feel the loss of Markov and Gorges. If those two guys were in the line-up, we’d probably already have dispensed with this way-over-rated Bruins team. The less said about Spacek the better. Hal Gill is slow too but at least he brings some hockey sense to the rink – and the longest reach in the league.

That’s the down-side. The up-side? It’s only 3-2 and we’re going back to Montreal for game six Tuesday. Odds are we’ll win. Why? Well ’cause the Habs haven’t really been outplayed by the Bruins in the past couple of games and the team will be playing its most desperate game of the year.

But these guys can’t leave it all up to Carey Price. They have to score – early and often. So it is a dark day – but we”ve seen worse. Remember the first round last year, when our team was down 3-1 to the Caps? Exactly.

– Brendan

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