Ready for Bruins Habs High Noon in Beantown?

Posted: April 23, 2011 in 2011 Playoffs
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This is it. OK it’s not the final game of the series but it doesn’t get much more gargantuan than this. Game five in Boston with the series tied at two-a-piece.

Who better to set the scene than Carey ‘Stash’ Price. The Habs netminder said “We just have to cowboy-up and do it.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, only Price – a guy, remember, who spent much of the summer on the rodeo circuit in B.C. – would know to go to the John Wayne metaphor. Which had me thinking of the perfect title for tonight’s dust-up – The Good (Price), the Bad (Chara) and the Ugly (Ference).

The one sure thing about tonight is the pressure is on Price big-time. So will he rise to the occasion? I’m sure he will. He gave up a pair of questionable goals in game three at the Bell Centre but otherwise he’s been pretty close to impeccable.

Fact is you can’t lay all the responsibility on Price’s shoulders. There has been grumbling about Gionta and Gomez’s defensive lapses – though remember both have three points so far, which is nothing to sneeze at – and they both need to be better tonight than they were Thursday in Montreal.

It’s so far been a weird series. Let’s be brutally honest. Neither team has been consistent, great or anywhere near consistently great. It’s kind of been neurotic hockey.

That said, I expect to see the Canadiens’ most inspirational game yet today. Why? Cos I found the perfect inspirational Bruce Springsteen lyric to set the team on fire. It’s from Rosalita and it goes something like this:

Windows are for cheaters/chimneys for the poor/Closets are for hangers/winners use the door/So use it, Rosie, that’s what it’s there for
Feeling the magic? I thought so.
 – Brendan

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