Do the Habs still have a chance in the series vs the Bruins?

Posted: April 23, 2011 in 2011 Playoffs
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I think that the Habs will win tonight. It seems like it doesn’t matter whether you are at your home arena or not because the Habs won the first two in Boston and the Bruins won the last two in Montreal. The Canadiens must not get any dumb penalties at dumb times and we need to score first and early.

When Montreal has the lead they can’t just give up and think they won, they have to play hard every short shift. Also the Habs have to make some better changes. The Michael Ryder goal was caused from a bad change from the Habs. If we do that, there is no chance the Bruins can catch us whatsoever. The Habs have also played terrible defense in the last 2 games in which they lost. The forwards have to back-check and help out Carey Price and his defenseman.

– Keane


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