Last night, the last thing I tweeted was: ‘Right now I feel like someone kicked my head in.’ To which fine Montreal filmmaker Tara Johns replied: ‘Yet another head injury in the NHL this year – deplorable.’

A few minutes back, my friend Brendan – no joke, that’s his name – called to ask if I was hanging by my fingernails from the Jacques Cartier bridge. Yes he’s a comic. He went on to tell me he stopped watching the game when the Habs began to implode in period two – and who can blame him. The rest of us were absolute masochists to watch that mother of all meltdowns.

O.K. at least it wasn’t quite as bad as the Rangers blowing that 3-0 lead to Washington the other night, but still. It was brutal. When the Canadiens were up 3-1 last night, Bruins coach Claude Julien and not-so-nice-guy captain Zdeno Chara looked shattered. (By the way, am I the only one who finds that Julien and Jacques Martin are curiously alike and curiously mind-numbingly boring?)

So the short version is it wasn’t a good night – for me or anyone else who cares about the most storied franchise in professional hockey. That’s where the faith comes in. You gotta have it, as George Michael put it (long before he became known to police forces on several continents).

But Bruce Springsteen of course put it best: ‘Show a little faith/there’s magic in the night’. That’s all I got for you today. Play Thunder Road. Heck play all of Born to Run. And – it is Good Friday after all – pray.

– Brendan

Here is the video of my new favourite Bruin – NOT! – showing his true colours Thursday night. Here is Andrew Ference showing what he thinks of Habs fans.

And worse here is Ference’s pathetic excuse for his behaviour. It was, apparently, a glove malfunction!


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