What me worry? Not time to panic in Habs Bruins series

Posted: April 20, 2011 in 2011 Playoffs
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 I was just on the phone with someone – who will remain nameless, for obvious reasons, as you’ll soon see – who said she felt sorry for the Bruins because they always lose to the Habs in the playoffs. As you might expect, I didn’t share her sentiment.

I suggested it would be poetic justice if the heavily-favoured Bruins drop this series to the Habs – cosmic payback for Zdeno Chara’s horrific hit on Max Pacioretty. To quote the poet of the moment, Montreal hip-hop artist Annakin Slayd: – ‘Habs fans stand-up/Montreal stand-up/Let them hear us/It’s 25 for 67.’

For those not down with Slayd’s rhyming, ’25’ is a reference to the 25th Stanley Cup due to come the Habs way (soon we hope) and ’67’ is a nod to Patch’s number.

Now it is indeed true that the Bruins won the first game at the Bell Centre but what I prefer to remember is the way Nos Habs played in the third period, peppering Timmy Thomas with quality shots, and the only reason it didn’t go to OT was that TT was just spectacular. But even better, he was much less spectacular on both Canadiens goals and Chara was just as unimpressive on the two goals.

So I am not unduly worried. That said, it would be nice to win Thursday night. Just a thought.

One last thing. At first, I was mad with Rush for stealing away the Bell Centre for their show tonight and delaying the Habs-Bruins game by a day. But now this means we have a game Thursday and then game five goes Saturday night, which is just perfect timing (says this traditionalist).

– Brendan

Just in case you somehow haven’t seen the brill Annakin Slayd vid, here it is.


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