Rockin’ at the Bell Centre Tuesday night

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Keane and I were at the Habs Blackhawks game Tuesday night at the Bell Centre and what a night it was. Keane, who is a big Hawks and Toews fan, had asked me last week about trying to snare tickets for Chicago’s only visit here this season, and I had to sadly tell him it wasn’t likely we’d be able to get any.

So when a good pal of ours offerred us a pair on the weekend, we were both totally pumped. Keane thought briefly about wearing his Toews jersey but finally settled, sensibly enough, on his Cammalleri jersey. We had Desjardins section seats so a healthy dinner was included – dogs, fries, smoked meat, pizza, popcorn and chips.

The game itself was a classic, as you know. It was totally intense from the moment the puck dropped to the dramatic finale 1:19 into overtime when P.K. Subban blasted a slapshot behind Chateauguay’s most famous netminder, Corey Crawford. There’s a lot of talk today about the Subban celebration – he basically bounced right off of his pal Carey Price – but there was also no shortage of emotional celebrating in the stands. At one point, I picked up Keane, though that part of the celebration was almost as dangerous for me (and my back) as Subban’s head-on collision with Price was for our star rookie.

Did I mention that we’re in the playoffs? So bring on the Caps, Phillie or the Bruins. And by the way, I know Chicago is only in eighth place but I would not like to be the Canucks who’re staring down a first-round match-up with the guys who make a habit of booting them on to the golf green every spring.

On that note, I need to go find something healthy to eat.

– Brendan


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