Playoff Race Part 3

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

In the Eastern Conference, Washington is now in first place, 2 points ahead of the 2nd place Flyers. The Flyers, who had been first place in the conference for nearly the whole regular season, are now able to finish the season in fourth place at worst. The only teams in the East who have not clinched and are in a playoff spot are the 7th place Buffalo Sabres and the 9th place NY Rangers.

The Carolina Huricanes still have a chance of making the playoffs this season but to get in, they must win every single of their last three and the Rangers have to lose every game. Every other team in the East is eliminated. The Maple Leafs are eliminated due to their loss on Tuesday vs the Capitals 3-2. The Leafs had some difficulty scoring this season with a -28 goal difference. Also 37.2% of the Leafs goals were scored by the first line of Grabovski, McCarthur, and Kulemin.

In the Western Conference, the Canucks, the Sharks, and the Red Wings have all clinched a playoff spot. Dallas in 9th place are 2 points behind the 8th place Hawks. The Flames who are in 10th place are also 2 points behind the Hawks but have played 1 more game than the Hawks and the Stars. All the other teams are eliminated.

– Keane


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