Games to look forward to tonight – the Habs could clinch a playoff spot vs the Hawks, the Buffalo Sabres take on the Tampa Bay Lightning, the fighting Maple Leafs battle the Capitals, the Pens who have clinched a playoff spot vs the eliminated NJ Devils, the Flyers vs the Senators. In the West, the Blues and the Avalanche meet, the Atlanta Thrashers take on the Nashville Predators, the Blue Jackets vs the Dallas Stars, and first vs worst, the Oilers meet again with the top-dog Canucks (the last time they met, the Oilers crushed Vancouver 4-1).

– Keane


  1. Hugo Cassivi says:

    I’m ready for tonight…
    got my Habs shirt on,
    my Leafs hat on
    whilst my Boltz underwear are in the washing machine.
    Great post by the way (not the goaltender’s post) but raher the written one.
    Go Habs Go.


  2. Steve Rukavina says:

    Love this blog…could use more leafs coverage though!

    • topshelfbk says:

      Hey Steve, Keane actually really likes this new-look Leafs outfit and claims to be a fan (T.O. being like No. 4 on his list after Habs, Hawks, and Oilers, I think, all to be clarified later by the man himself). I threatened to throw him out of the house but it seemed to have no impact. So expect Leafs coverage….next time they make the playoffs.

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